Buddhist Ceremony at Ferart Studio – 11am 6 May 2018

Wongkur of Chenrezi – with Ian Hacket of Tig-Le Margaret River Dharma House

A Wongkur is a Buddhist ceremony that is a type of symbolic theatre or sacred performance. Each of the symbols, chants and activities hold individual meanings; and, when combined in a ceremony, tell a bigger and more comprehensive story.

The ceremony you are invited to take part in, on Sunday 6 May, is called “Chenrezi”. There will be the opportunity to participate in the ceremony. Please feel free to bring a white flower to contribute. Also stay after the ceremony for a cuppa, wander through and see the art works at Ferart Studio, and bring a picnic lunch.
Donations are appreciated to support the work of Tig-Le
Chenrezi is an expression of some of the teachings and lived experience of the historic Buddha.
In the face of the enormity of the challenges facing the world, Chenrezi embraces all the expressions of compassion, whether the actions are big or small.
The ceremony invites us to acknowledge, celebrate and join with all the people across the world who are involved in attempts at compassionate living; it also invites us to be at peace with the attempts we undertake that sometimes fail.
The ceremony is spoken in a mixture of English, Sanskrit and Pali. It speaks to our intuitive, symbolic and sensory ways of understanding the world, not just the logical and rational that is so familiar to the Western mind. While may be hard, at times, to understand the language of the ceremony it is designed to speak to our hearts and minds.

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