Good design sits at the front of any important action in the world.  Whether it is an elegant product, a different way of living and working or a different way of doing projects; design drives good outcomes.
Design creates an envisioned future.  It embodies our imagination of what the world could be. Design dives into the vagaries of the real world.  It listens, it looks.  Each project is a tailor-made approach and uses a unique blend of skills.

How we work

Artists Debbie Chambers and David Galloway at Ferart Studio place a strong emphasis on the process of up-cycling and the use of up-cycled materials in their work.

Up-Cycling is a creative response to having too much stuff and the perception that we are not good people unless we have the newest and latest.

Up-Cycling is a about taking materials that were destined for being disposed or recycled and turns them into functional, even beautiful objects of desire.


The majority of the components of the up-cycled product must be sourced from a stream of discarded, disposal or recycled materials.

The final up-cycled product aims to be a thing with more than one function or use.  It also has to be beautiful.  As John O’Donohue says – Beauty isn’t all about nice loveliness, beauty is about a more rounded substantial becoming.  Beauty is about an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance, a deeper sense of depth, and also a kind of home coming for the enriched memory of your unfolding life. Our products put people in contact with this depth of life.

Up-Cycling honours the history of the materials that go into the product. We reject the post-modern concept of things only existing because of our perception of them.   We think that things and materials have a history and a patina that needs to be recognised, incorporated and built upon.  When you can tell the story of the product – where it came from, how and why it was made, it is up cycled.

The input of creativity into the up-cycled product also allows the creation of a new narrative, or story, that starts with the new user. They can then continue the story.

Up-Cycledproducts are not just things; they have their own inherent humour, politics and pathos.

Up-Cycling honours the patina of age and wear, and incorporates this into the appearance of the product.



We work with those who live with hope in the face of all that has been destroyed.
Hope is not a blind aspiration for nice things to happen sometime in the future.  Hope is a strong commitment to act for good and recreate the world.
Even when the outcomes are not clear and the path ahead has many alternatives, we choose actions of hope rather than not to act at all.




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