LAMPSHADES – bringing light and life to a story

While doing my art studies I started exploring bonding techniques and creating designs with textiles that come alive with light behind them. Now I find all kinds of old lights and lamps and give them a new life with covers and embellishments

I use all kinds of textiles, found and natural objects, and small idiosyncratic objects. The bases are renovated and wiring checked, and people often bring their favourite lamp for renewal, choosing a theme or colour palette.

I added to the collection for Margaret River Open Studios in 2018, moving into using the techniques on other lighting designs and art works.

I’ve started teaching the techniques in workshops, and developed a sequence of sessions to help people learn the techniques and find their own style and story to tell in their designs.

I’m particularly interested in furthering the technique to inform some designs that capture the narrative of events or special memories so that the lamp or light becomes an art piece that holds symbolic meaning for the owner or viewer. Lighting up a memory, perhaps creating an altar or even shrine representing a special person, event or time. So this is another part of this ongoing project…


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