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At Ferart Studio, our aim is to inspire, encourage and support people to live more resilient, creative and caring lives.  


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16 December 2019

Lots of good things are being planned for 2020 at Ferart Studio.  We will keep you informed as we develop our plans. 

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Debbie Chambers

Since 2015 Ferart Studio has been linking art, personal mental health and community wellbeing.   We run exhibitions and public events and activate the community through workshops, art training and art therapy.  People also come to Ferart Studio for personal counselling and group activities to build more creative and stable places in their lives. Having stable and creative places in their lives makes them better equipped to take on the challenges of very day life.  

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I’m trained as an occupational and mental health therapist using my creative and artistic skills in therapy services,  community development and public health.  I work in private practice, with community organizations and in the public sector.  This work takes me to urban, rural, remote and developing communities in Australia and overseas.

As an artist I trained in Visual Arts and completed a Masters degree researching how creativity builds community resilience and sustainability. 


My art and therapy work is heavily informed by repurposing and up cycling natural and found objects using assemblage, mixed media and textiles to create a new narrative and story based on people’s lives and experiences.  Helping people build their own new and creative story  gives them a platform for them to live better in their everyday lives.

Projects and events explore how we can reduce waste, create social networks, build economic opportunity, promote health and wellbeing, and enriching communities.

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