FURNITURE RENNO’S creating new from old


Whether you find yourself feeling sentimental, remembering past lives or times, collecting preloved items from the side of the road or a swap and share…we often seem to end up with that quirky item that we just can’t part with, that “I should do something with that, but don’t quite know what”.

We seem to have a collection of such things here…Great Aunty Ruth’s old Queen Ann numbers (yuk!), fragmented furniture found somewhere long since past, a chest of drawers found in a long forgotten place…they all have some sort of memory, story or intrinsic integrity that keeps them in the shed waiting to find a new life after a creative “renno”.

Over the years we have worked on lots of these projects, and most of our furniture has come from such a place. I’ve decided this year to get busy and creative and put our collected bedraggled even somewhat unattractive furniture to use. I’ve researched, tried out finishes and textures, and thought about different styles and tastes. And I’ve noticed that I’ve inadvertently left something original within each piece of furniture, whether it’s some colour, texture, old fittings…and so it goes on.

Finally our shed is looking a little less cluttered, there’s a bit more useful furniture about the place, and if people wish they can take something home that appeals. Once again, as I build up my repertoire I will plan some workshops where people can bring along their old preloved furniture, chat about ideas, and have a go at their own “renno”…it’s a lot of fun! And not only that, it will help clean out all our sheds, take a few things off the side of the road and out of landfill, and be a great talking point.

Even the saddest collection of broken bits can be restored and the colour, texture and patina makes it extra special…


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